Hemrid review.

What is Hemrid and How Does it Work?

Hemrid is a two-step product created to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. It consists of a supplement and organic Witch Hazel spray. A spray is formulated only from one ingredient, which is applied directly on affected area and is aimed at alleviating the painful symptoms quickly. A supplement is made of natural herbs such as Horse Chestnut and Bilberry extract, which can help to restore proper blood circulation in anal area, heal damaged tissues, reduce inflammation and lessen most of the symptoms. Both of the products can be purchased separately so it’s up to you to use both of them or only one of them.

The product is developed in USA and also it is manufactured in FDA approved laboratory, which is a good indication that it is a reliable and quality product. The company that produces Hemrid is so confident about their product that they offer 120 money back guarantee.

What Ingredients are Included?

The number of ingredients that you can find in Hemrid formulation is quite limited. As the company states itself they chose to include only the most effective components, but in a bit higher dosages. So it can be either a good or bad thing, depending on how effective these three ingredients will be in your case.

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    Horse Chestnut Seed Extract. Aescin, which is found in the seeds of Horse Chestnut can help to reduce inflammation as well as boost blood circulation in the affected area. Due to this the healing process will start and most of the symptoms will disappear.

  • Witch Hazel Leaf Extract. This ingredient is able to strengthen veins, so it can help to lessen the bleeding. Additionally, due to its inflammatory features this extract can help to soothe the skin in affected area.

  • Bilberry Fruit Extract. The main reason why this fruit is so popular ingredient in many hemorrhoids treatments is because it is able to fix connective tissues. Furthermore it can be also effective in minimizing some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

What do other people reviews say?

The reviews of Hemrid that you can find online are quite mixed. You can find a lot of testimonials that claims that it worked well for them and they would recommend it to their friends while others report that they didn’t notice any difference. Read a few reviews of actual Hemrid users bellow:


Want to read more reviews of Hemrid? Then visit the Amazon page here.

Where to buy Hemrid and what is the Price?

buy-hemridAt the moment you can buy HemRid on the official page online or on Amazon. Both of the sites offer the same prices so it is only a matter of preferences. It is important to mention that you can’t buy it on stores like Walgreens or Walmart, since it’s only available online. When it comes to price of this product it varies a lot depending on the package you will choose. At the moment there are a total of 6 different offers available for Hemrid. You can find a list of some of offers bellow:

  • 1 bottle – $44.10;
  • 1 spray – $44.10;
  • “Advance package” (4 bottles) – $91.10 (save $73.3);
  • “Premium package” (5 bottles plus 1 spray) – $121.1 (save $125.5)

Find Hemrid on Amazon website.

Hemrid vs VenaPro and Avatrol.

When choosing between all these different products there are a couple of things to consider. The first thing to look at is of course formulation. Hemrid includes only three ingredients in formulation while Avatrol has twelve and VenaPro even more. So even though the company that produces Hemrid states that they chose to include only the most effective components, the dosages of these 3 ingredients are not that significantly higher. For this reason we believe that that the formulation of both VenaPro and Avatrol is far better than Hemrid.

The next thing to consider is of course the price. It is quite difficult to compare the price of these products, since there are different quantities of pills in a bottle. But if we would compare monthly supply the most expensive product is Avatrol ($49.95), Hemrid ($44.1 plus another $44.1 if bought together with a spray) and VenaPro is only $39.95 for both products.

When it comes to user testimonials Hemrid has both bad and good reviews from actual users. When we compare those reviews with either VenaPro or Avatrol it seems that people had better results with these two hemorrhoids relief treatments than with Hemrid. Do to these facts our recommendation would be to choose either VenaPro or Avatrol.