Causes of Hemorrhoids.

Finding out what is the cause of your hemorrhoids (also referred to as “piles”) is one of the first steps towards “curing” this condition. When you know exactly what caused it, it is much easier to select the right treatment and avoid that they will happen again in the future. In some cases even changing some simple habits in your life can ensure that hemorrhoids will not occur for longer period of time. There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to development of piles. In most cases these factors tend to increase pressure on the veins that are in your rectum area. When a pressure level in your veins is higher eventually they start to swell and hemorrhoids develop. Bellow you can find a list of the main factors that can cause this condition.

The Main Causes of Piles.

pregnancy-hemorrhoids-causesPregnancy and labor are one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids for women. When the fetus is growing inside women it causes higher pressure on veins. Blood circulation is also affected by hormonal changes, which further increases the risk of hemorrhoids. In addition to that when a baby is being delivered a woman is required to push, which causes extremely high pressure on the anal area. All these effects can highly contribute to getting hemorrhoids. It is also important highlight that for women who had hemorrhoids previously the chance that they will re-occur during pregnancy or labor is much higher.

Obesity might be another reason for this condition. When an individual is overweight usually it results in higher pressure on blood vessels particularly when excess weight is in stomach and hips area. Exercising regularly can not only help you to lose some excess weight, but also to improve your digestive system.

Other medical diseases can be also a cause for hemorrhoids. Heart problems and liver illness, which lasts for long-term, can result in enlarged veins. This as it was mentioned before is one of the reasons for hemorrhoids.

Continual diarrhea or constipation is one of the leading causes for hemorrhoids. These two conditions might cause higher pressure on veins in the anal area. This happens when people have a bowel movement and they strain. Straining (especially repeated) doesn’t allow proper blood circulation in the area, which leads to enlarged veins and pooling of blood. The risk of developing hemorrhoids increases even higher when you rush to a toilet since it causes intense straining. Therefore it is very important to go to the toilet as soon as you feel you need to without delaying it since the longer you wait the harder it might become to pass the stool.

Heredity might be another factor that can contribute to having this condition. So if some members of your family have this issue it is highly likely that you can develop hemorrhoids at some point in your life too.

Hemorrhoids are a more common issue among older people (after 30-ies). This is because when people tend to age the tissues tend stretch and weaken. When tissues are weaker it harder for them support the veins that are in the rectum area. Due to this age is another factor that can contribute to development of hemorrhoids.

Poor diet can be also a cause for piles. People who suffer from this condition should try to add as much fiber to their diet as possible and eat more raw fruits, vegetables and cereals. This will allow avoiding straining and constipation that are the main causes for piles. If you suffer from hemorrhoids it might be also a good idea to avoid some strong spices (mustard, red pepper and etc.), alcohol and drinks like coffee.

If your work requires you to sit or stand for long period of time throughout the day this can also be one of the factors that contribute to developing hemorrhoids. Therefore if you tend to sit a lot it is important to take a few minutes each hour and walk around the room to take the pressure off.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Hemorrhoids.

So as you can see some of these causes can be prevented by implementing a few simple steps in your daily routine. These steps includes adding more fiber to your diet, drinking more water, exercising, doing less straining when going to the toilet and not using laxatives. Some people even have a habit of spending too much time in the toilet reading books and newspapers. This habit should be definitely avoided since it can be one of the factors that increase the risk of piles. For more tips on how to avoid piles read this article. Other causes such as age, heredity and health issues that lead to hemorrhoids are not so easily controlled and there is not much a person can do to prevent them.