Aloe Vera and Hemorrhoids.

Benefits and uses of Aloe Vera.

The benefits of Aloe Vera have been known for thousands of years and it was even referred to as Immortality plant. Nowadays Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in various hair, skin, beauty, cosmetic products and it is also used as a home remedy to treat various health conditions. Some of the most common uses of gel extracted from this plant include treating sunburns, acne, rashes and many more.

There are also some studies available, which confirms that Aloe Vera can work effectively for conditions like Psoriasis and Cold Sores. These are only a couple of uses of this plant and if you would do a small research online you would probably find more than 50; however it is important to understand that most of these uses are backed up by anecdotal stories from people rather than scientific research.

Aloe-VeraWhile there is not enough studies to support most the uses of Aloe Vera there is in fact quite a logical explanation why people have good results with this natural remedy. One of the main reasons why this plant works effectively for so many different conditions is because it has astringent properties. This means that when it is applied on the skin topically it contracts tissues that get in the way of fluid discharge.

The main explanation why it is works for healing burns and wounds is because Aloe Vera has cell proliferant properties, which basically means that it can help to enhance regrow of new cells. It is also thought that this plant has some anti-fungal properties and can help skin become smoother and softer (emollient property).

Does Aloe Vera work for Hemorrhoids Treatment?

In case you are wondering whether Aloe Vera can be beneficial for treating hemorrhoids, the answer is definitely yes. By applying Aloe Vera on hemorrhoids you can get almost an instant relief since it will help to calm and soothe tissues that are inflamed. So it can be said that gel from this plant can be an effective remedy against symptoms like irritation, burning sensation, itching and pain.

Due to the fact that this plant has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties it can help not only provide relief from the symptoms, but it can also be effective in treating this condition. Both of these mentioned features will help to shrink swollen tissues of piles and get rid of this condition faster. Based on this it can be said that Aloe Vera has a lot of properties that are beneficial for treating hemorrhoids so it is definitely worthwhile to consider trying this natural remedy.aloe-vera-gel

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While based on most user reviews online Aloe Vera is an effective remedy for treating hemorrhoids and providing relief from most of the symptoms, it is important to know that there are no scientific studies available that would support its effectiveness or they are very limited. Due to this you should have realistic expectations about this natural home remedy and use with precaution.

How to use it for Hemorrhoids?

aloe-gel-hemorrhoidsIn case you have Aloe Vera plant at your home it is quite easy to try this remedy for piles. In the first step you should break one leaf of this plant and extract gel from it. In the second step you should apply this gel on affected area (hemorrhoid) and massage it gently with your fingers. You should get almost an immediate relief from symptoms like burning sensation, itching and hemorrhoid should shrink faster too. In case you will find this remedy ineffective, you shouldn’t worry too much since there are many natural home remedies that you can try for treatment of piles.

Are there any Side Effects or Warning?

Since Aloe Vera can be used both topically and orally, potential side effects can be a bit different depending how it’s being used. When gel of this plant is applied topically it is considered to be a safe remedy for adults and rarely cause any side effects. In rare cases some individuals might experience itching or burning of the skin where Aloe Vera gel is applied.

Even though gel from this plant is most likely safe when taken by mouth, it is important to know that it is not safe to take Aloe Vera latex orally since it can lead to some serious side effects. So it is crucial to know the difference between latex and gel that are both obtained from the leaf of this plant. The main difference between these substances is that gel is derived from the center of the leaf while latex is obtained from the beneath skin of the Aloe Vera leaf.

Some of the most common side effects associated with taking Aloe Vera latex by mount include cramps, stomach pain, diarrhea, kidney issues and others. It is worthwhile to mention that it might be a good idea to avoid using products made from this plant orally if you have hemorrhoids, because they might include Aloe latex. As it was mentioned previously this latex can lead to diarrhea, which might make hemorrhoids condition even worse.